Where is the Banwagon, and how can I jump back on???!

So, yes... I haven't been doing so great the last few days. And I haven't been losing the weight I would like to. I'm very happy and excited for the 10 lbs and 12 inches this past month... the past two weeks should have brought more lbs lost and more inches gone. I slipped back into how "good" it feels to eat. Good in a sense that... food tastes good. I get bored, so I fill it with food. Yet after eating I feel like crap. All day I have been thinking about how much I want to go to this used book store that is about maybe 7 minutes away driving. Possibly 10. I don't want to drive. And it would take quite a while to walk. I want to ride a bike there. How wonderful would a bike ride to a used book store be? Fantastic.
Unfortunately my bike is at my parents house. And honestly, I'm afraid of what my fat ass will look like riding on a bicycle.

I wouldn't mind looking like this fat bottomed girl, however.
I really just need to get off my rump and make some good decisions. Why is the slothful life so easy and tempting?


  1. Stupid Snickers and their stupid delicious caramel and nut, lol. OK friend, we can do this. We really can. We both just have to get our asses in gear. Pick yourself back up now. The longer you wait the harder it will be. I will stop acting like a slug at the gym (and perhaps lay off the consumption of the microwave s'mores, haha). Don't worry about what you look like on the bike. Remember how great it feels to ride a bike? The speed, the wind in your hair =) It would be awesome! I am getting mine fixed week after next (when more money appears in my bank account) We can get our head phones and listen to queen while we pass all the people sitting in traffic. We can do this!

  2. PS: The bandwagon is over here. Hop on ;-)