Thanks to my fellow blogger "the dough factory"

Before and After

Kate had this on her latest blog, and I decided to check it out as well. weightview.com is a site linked to facebook that shows how you would look after losing up to 50 lbs. It does an o.k. rendering. Maybe it was just the pose I'm in, but my face and arms are still chunky. But it's pretty cool to see what the rest of me would look like. Gives a bit of motivation... it's exciting to see your results right there on the screen. I had been thinking about doing a little photoshop on one of my "before" photos to see anyway... this just made it easier. I don't think any amount of weight loss is going to calm down my poofy hair, though.


  1. Huzzah! I digg that giant snowflake your standing in front of, Lol.

  2. Word, yo.
    That was a background for a christmas dance at one of the schools my company photographs. It was actually an awesome and elaborate set up... best I've seen in a while!