Those dreams are back

It has been a year and a half since I've had them. The running dreams. The dreams that I had for a good stretch of time, that I deeply missed when they went away.

So here they are again.

It's so fluid, so easy, so.... incredible.

I don't know what it is. Well, I might know what it is. I want to be able to run so badly. One of my goals is just to be able to run a mile. I was never able to do it, not even in high school. It's hard on my joints, and I feel like I just have too much weight to see running as a possibility right now.
But yes... one day I will run that mile... and with all hopes... I will take that goal even further. A marathon maybe?

If Tara can do it... I can do it...


  1. Whoohoo! Tara! I do love Tara =) If she can, we can. I have the same goal. I am starting the couch to 5K program in Sept (when it's not 800 degrees w/ bad air quality down here)

  2. I love that is the "couch to 5k" :D That sounds like a great plan! Today was finally nice outside... went on a walk with my roommate... now I just need to do it more often... and I did get my bike today... now to get on it

    Thanks for all the supportive words... wanna be accountable buddies?

  3. We should totally be acoutabliabuddies! Lol. I am running intervals this morning as soon as the hubs leaves for work. How about you?

  4. I was good and got up at 6 to walk around the neighborhood with my roommate... but then I decided to have arby's for dinner.
    I'm thinking about riding my bike before work tomorrow :)

  5. WTG on the walking at 6AM! I workout then too (well 5:30, but early). I love it! Its so much easier to get into the habit that way. Hope your bike riding went well this morning. So how do you think we should do this acountabilibuddy thing? Through SP? I was thinking something along the lines of a very short daily report. Like yesterday I did 35 min running intervals, 30 min aerobic dance, at 1580 cals. I love the idea of having a buddy to be accountable to. =) Maybe we can leave a comment on SP at the end of the day or something. What do you think? Happy biking!