Get on it!

So, I'm a kind of on again off again girl, I have noticed.
Well, I am on again.

I always feel so much better when I get out and jog. My plan was to do so this morning before Bryan woke up. My laziness took over and I decided not too. Instead I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a turkey melt too. Total of about 550ish calories.

Then as I was sitting on his bed going over some paperwork stuff Jeremy came in talking about how beautiful it is outside?

"What's that you say? It's not hot as balls out at noon?" With that information, I immediately put on my jogging shoes and put my green and white ear buds in my ears.

It was hard. I haven't gotten out to run in a while. And my stomach has been feeling very weird lately. I definitely felt like I was going to puke, but I got out there and did it. I'm proud.

I only have a little over 4 months now to lose 40lbs if I want to go to New York. I have got to get it together. I know I can do it. Now that I'm back to work, the stress of low money won't be there... maybe my life can finally come together. I can finally sleep soundly and not be a wreck all the time.

On another note.... I had a strange dream last night. Well, it was more normal that some dreams I have had in the past. But anyway... I was staying out with B and we went to hang out with some of his friends[which none of them looked familiar, by the way]. He was talking to one of his buddies and I felt like I knew what they were talking about, but I was to remain stupid. The next day we decided to go to this little antique place. Well, he started to point out rings, and there was one box that had a small picture of the two of us in it. So, I guess this was his way of asking me to marry him? I tried on the 4 rings that were in the box to see which one I liked. At the same time a sales lady was coming over to show me other ones.... and all the others were awful. Like, cheap gaudy rings. And she was a total bitch... I dunno, then I ended up waking up.
I just felt like I needed to share that dream with someone, cause I just don't feel like sharing that one with him :P

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  1. Good for you for getting out and jogging! I can't (or at least have not tried) jog on the street. I stick to the treadmill. So That's awesome! What an odd dream. I've no idea what it might mean. hmmm..I'll have to think about that one.