Motivational Graphs :-]

I am an extremely visual person. Charts, graphs, photos... they all help me wrap my head around information.
I decided to use this with my weight loss. --Maybe I'm obsessed with putting photos in my blog, but I am going to share the charts I recently made--
I made up this one to help me be accountable for making sure I'm doing 3x cardio and 3x strength training every week, as well as finding and cooking a new recipe. I'm trying to keep my meals exciting so eating healthy doesn't get boring. :]
This is another... which I think I like better. My reward time line. Which I will be putting on the fridge so I can see exactly what I'm doing this for(besides better health, of course) My list of rewards are:
10lbs Manicure
20lbs Buy flowers for myself
30lbs Night on the town with my boy
40lbs Brand new purse... woot, I love purses
50lbs Trip to NY to see a show on Broadway or a new Nikon D300(haven't decided yet) from b
55lbs Pedicure from b
60lbs Tanning membership... can't be all pasty anymore from b
65lbs Dancing Lessons with Bryan (salsa or swing) from b

So, there ya have it. My motivation. Lets see where it takes me!


  1. I like your charts. So colorful and fun =)

  2. Thanks!
    Sometimes I feel like a nerd, but then again... that's one of my best qualities :)

  3. Nah, being a nerd it totally cool. BTW I looked at your photos, they are awesome! I am an aspiring photographer to. I already do stuff for my family and friends but I am starting "official" school in the fall.

  4. Thanks Dearie...
    Awesome! I'd love to go back and take some courses... just for the "assignments"
    Are you on the shutterbug team for sparkpeople? it's pretty cool, they give you different assignments each week to post to the board.
    I'd love to look at your stuff, if you would be so inclined :)

  5. Sweet, I did not know there was such a team. I shall go join. I have a website. http://www.kathrynprattphotography.com/#12
    Please be gentle, lol. This is just stuff I did with my point and shoot. I am still saving up up for a nice camera. Mostly its my sisters and a few friends and the hubs =)

  6. Oops, you can subtract the #12 off of that.