Laziness as of Late

Yep, that's been me, lazy, slothful... it sucks. Maybe after a bit of blogging today, I will get off my ass finally and get something done. Since my apartment is in shambles, I think I will start with cleaning... that will get a semi decent workout... and after that maybe I'll stay off my ass and do some strength training. I just need that nudge. It's been difficult lately since I'm off work for an entire month... it's so much easier to sleep in, lay around, and not do anything.

Today is my little brothers birthday. He's turning 12. It's crazy how fast he grows up. I miss when he was little, sometimes.
It was about a week or so ago when I was playing catch with him outside my parents house, and he said he could never imagine me or our mother being skinny.
Yes, we have been overweight his whole life. It makes me sad. I was 13 when he was born. I have been fat more than half of my life. Damn, that is depressing.
I am out to prove my brother wrong. Not to spite him, but to have him be proud of his sister, to see her as a great role model and leader.
I however, am glad that this is the way I have been all of his life so far though... would you like to know why?
So he isn't that boy... the boy that won't date a fat girl, the boy that will make fun of her with his friends, the boy who makes that fat girl cry at night. No... my brother WON'T be that boy.
My brother won't be that boy who broke my heart all those teenage years.

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  1. You can do it girl, you just have to get started. Just commit to doing 10 min of cardio today. Then if you want to do more (and you will, cause you know you love it, haha) go ahead and do more. 10 min is better than nothing. And I know house work is nothing to sneeze at either. I know you can. Happy birthday to your little brother. It is insane how fast they grow up. Mine just turned (gasp) 18. Although yours sounds nicer than mine. Instead of "I can't imagine you thin" I got "Did anyone ever tell you you are fat?" Me:No, never. I was wondering what all that stuff on my thighs was...little punk...i ought to...mumble mumble" So he nearly died at the age of 13 b/c I almost killed him. Lol. Good for you for teaching your brother not to be "That boy" I hope I have taught mine too. You can do this!